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Me and my uncle and aunt lived close by, my uncle has been married for three years. Seeing the aunt’s big boobs, my mother’s cock used to get power, he was about 26 years old at that time but he used to look 21 years old.

My uncle often had to go out of office tour every 3-4 months, he lived in the rental room, he did not want to leave auntie alone, so he asked me to stay at his house. To tell the truth, I used to think that laddus started bursting in my mind, I did not know if aunty also wants what I want but I was determined that whatever happens, the juice of aunt’s youth must be taken.

I used to sleep in aunt’s house everyday but could not dare to do anything. And then after four days, when uncle came back, he felt that his fate is the flag.

Then after four months, the uncle took a tour again, now thought that whatever happens, something must be done this time.
I and my aunt were sleeping in the same room at night when I felt very strong, so I got up for mooting. When I lit the light, I was stunned to see what I saw!

Aunt was sleeping only in bra and petticoat because she felt very hot. Seeing this, my six inch cocks started hissing like Sheshnag. But I went to the restroom first. Then by the time I came back my sleep had flown and lust started waking up inside me. I lay quietly next to aunt’s side, slowly clinging to her whole body behind her and then I slowly opened the hooks of her bra, doing all this while my whole body was shivering but I dared her Gently placed his hands on the Acacia and kept the hand steady for about a minute so that they do not feel that anything is happening to them.

Then I moved my hands towards their feet and gently raised their petticoats, then I saw that they did not wear panties. At first my LND was just standing but now water has come from my LND. I was in the mood to complete my mission, I slowly put my hand in between her thighs and after raising her leg a little bit, I put my LND in her pussy.

But Aunt got up from the shock and threw my LND out and started saying – what are you doing? If your uncle knows, he will not leave you!

I was shocked thinking this, but in my mind the ghost of completing my mission was there, so I told my aunt – I have got manhood after seeing you!

And after saying this, I joined my lips with his lips and started kissing them wildly and pressing my mummies with my hands, so that aunt also started reaching the height of excitement. Then she also started supporting me.

When I licked them and licked their pussy and started fingering them, then the voice of aunt started coming from the mouth of the aunt…. Oh ho ho… Ahhhh

I pursued my mission and started pushing harder. Then aunt’s voice started coming… Oh God, oh my gad…

Then aunt said – today you feel Rahul, you will tear my pussy! Really today I am enjoying real sex.

Then after sex, I put my cock in my aunt’s pussy and spent the whole night by sticking to them.
Truly on that day, Jannat was really on earth.

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