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Read in my real sex story that my landlord had three daughters. The youngest of them studied in my college. How she became my girlfriend and my honeymoon was with her…

Friends, how are you all! I am present for you from Raj Kumar, Jaipur. Today I am going to tell you my tragedy. I hope you all like this sex story.

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This is in the year 2013, when I came to Jaipur after taking the 12th examination. Here I came to do engineering with computer science. Here I started renting a room.

In the room where I lived, there were a total of 10-12 people in the landlord’s family. My landlord, his wife and 2 sons and 3 daughters lived in them. Both of his sons were married… They both had a wife and they had 3 young children. Everyone lived in the same house together. His house was very big.

My landlord was a retired soldier, so he lived at home.

His wife was often ill, due to which he had to take him to hospital in 2-4 days.

He was the eldest of his three daughters. His name was Nishtha, the middle pinky and the youngest one was Rinki. Rinke is the heroine of this story.

Fauji’s elder daughter had left her studies and Pinky was about to complete college. Right now there was talk of marriage of her and her elder sister.

Rinke was in my own college, which I came to know later. Once I saw him in one of the programs I saw in my college, then we got our eyesight.

At that time, both of us did not say anything to each other, just watching. We did not have any conversation with each other.

A few days passed like this, we used to see each other everyday, but never used to speak among ourselves.

Six months passed like this. Now the marriage of his elder sister Nishtha is fixed.

You are bored reading all this, but my story is going to start from here.

When her sister’s wedding date arrived, preparations started for the wedding at home.

Both his sons, one was in the army… and the other son worked in a private company. He was on a good post in the company, which would give him less time.

Due to this, he asked me to help him at home.
I said yes

By now I would have seen him coming from the bus. Even then he would never talk to him.

One day when my landlord called me down, I went.

When I went down, my landlord said – Take Rinke and aunt to the hospital, they are not feeling well.

I took him on a bike and took him to the hospital. The hospital was 10 minutes away from his house. There I brought them back to show them and I notice that Rinky was watching me again and again. Maybe he wants to talk something.

I started helping her in her house, which made her very mixed. Now it was such a situation that my food was also being started there.

As a result of this, my routine also changed and now slowly I started spending more time with them.

One day when I was doing some work down in the morning, my landlord said to me – you only study in Rinke’s college, don’t you?
I pretended to be ignorant and said- I don’t know that Uncle Rinki also studies there.

He did not say anything and went away.

A few days later both of his sons also came home after taking leave. Due to their two days stay in the house, I started going down low. Now my need for them was also reduced. When there was, he would call me himself.

In these days I had tried to make my image as a good boy.

Then one day Rinky came up and said- Papa is calling you.

When she came to my room, what was looking cool… I just kept looking at her. This time she was looking very strong in blue jeans and white top.

I was just a little lost in seeing him, so he said again – Hmm… I said Papa ji is calling you.

I came out of my dream and went down while doing ‘Ahhhhh ..

Uncle said – Rinke has some work in college, you go away with it… and come back soon.
But as far as I knew, there was no program and exam in the college today.

Now what did I say, I said to Uncle – Okay Uncle, I am ready and will come in ten minutes.

When I came out ready, she was already standing there. I said – Come on.
She quickly shook her ass and sat on the bike.

I started riding the bike and started driving slowly. I was not talking to him… I was just riding a bike.

After a few minutes, when the college arrived, I said – go and do your work, I will be sitting in the garden of the college… Come there.

After speaking so much, I started to park the bike, then said- Okay, go go!
I could not explain why it said ‘Go go ..’.

When I asked him this, he said- Oh man, I am getting bored at home, that’s why I have come here… and now you are going too.

I was shocked to hear such a thing. But I said – Come on… Then you too come with me… We both sit in the garden.

She also came with me and sat down. I also sat on the other bench there and started using Facebook. After a while she got up and started sitting near me.
I said – Lets go home?

So she started looking at me angrily.

I said – what’s the matter… Do I think of killing you? Who is so angry?
She said – you have started going… I am getting bored here too.

I said – do this, call your friends and talk to them.

She said – why… can’t you talk to me?

I said – yes I can… but what shall we talk about. We only know each other by name and do not know much.

He said – Why did you refuse your father that day that you do not know that I study in your college. While you also saw me there.

I said- I refused because I did not want Uncle to know that I see you in college or not… He started asking me about you… So he refused.

He laughed and said- Hmm… means be smart too

I also laughed.

Slowly we both started talking. It is not known when two hours have passed.

Then his father got a call- How long are you coming home… There are more things here.
She said- Papa will take just a little more time. We will both come in an hour.

Uncle was not worried about anything… because he was with me, so he did not say anything.

We both started talking again.

He asked- where were you lost in the morning… when I came to call you in your room?
Nothing was coming out of my mouth on this.

She said – now she will not even tell her friend?

I said friend?

She said – yes, now both of us have become friends.

I still kept quiet for a while.

That quote- Tell me friend… Where were you lost in the morning.

I started smiling.

So bid – you are not telling, so okay… Let’s go home.

As soon as I stood up, he held me back by holding my hand and said – My dear Bholuram, sit now… tell me first what you were looking for… then you will go home.

I said – you look very beautiful today, then I was lost in your beauty.

He stared at me, so I said sorry and said – please don’t tell uncle … otherwise he will get my room vacated.

On this she started laughing and after a while said – Ok… I will not speak but first you also make a promise that you will be my good friend.

I said – Okay, we are friends from today but this thing should not be known at home.
He also said yes on this.

After some time both of us were about to leave for home, then I took him to the juice shop and gave him juice and came home.

Now how many jobs are done in the marriage house, everyone was doing their own work. Now whenever we used to see each other, we would laugh and say hello.

Days like these started to pass.

Then the wedding day arrived. That day she looked very beautiful.

I teased him and said – how many are you going to kill today?

He also spoke with aplomb – how many do not know, but you definitely have the idea of ​​killing him.

She laughed saying this.

After a while, Uncle came and said – Pinky and Nishtha are gone to the parlor, you go with Rinki and bring them. On the other hand, if you have time, take this form and money, come to work dealing with some market.

I took the form and money saying OK.

Me and Rinki went to take them both, then it was found that it would take more time.

I said to Rinke – you wait here, I come to work as a market… When you are free, then call and tell.

On this, he said, how can I tell if you do not have my new number.

Now I remembered that yesterday I had changed the SIM in my mobile and had not given the number to Rinke. The old number was not working for some reason.

I gave him my new number and left from there. It was just 15 minutes that a call came from an unknown number.

When I picked up the phone, there was no sound. I disconnected the phone.

When I received a call from that number again, I said – if you do not want to speak, why do you call?

He bid on it – I’m Rinke. Is my number not saved?

I said – Ok… I will save now. You guys got free?

She said, no, where is it now… I was getting bored alone, so I called. Talk for a while.
I said – OK.

We talked for a while, then he said – Come now, we are all ready.

I reached him with a car. From there, we all came directly to the marriage garden… where the wedding program was held.

Likewise, marriage also ended and me and Rinke Dhir

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